What Spirituality means to me

Worldwide we are currently facing a crisis that as a collective in many ways also brings us all more together. It highlights what Spirituality teaches us “that we are all unified, we are all One”. In these times kindness shines through and shows us that we all need each other in order to thrive.

I was brought up Catholic and my faith has helped me through times of need. However, my sense of Spirituality is not limited to my own upbringing or background, it actually began to evolve during my journey into becoming a Yoga teacher and the learnings I acquired 16 years ago whilst training and volunteering at The Sivananda Centre in London.

I believe there is a Divine presence that is bigger than my physical being and that resides in the deep well of my heart. I use many names for what I experience this presence to be; God, Spirit, Divine, Infinite, Unconditional Love, True Essence, Inner Self.

I believe there are multiple different paths we can follow to reach our own experience of the Divine, it is about finding the one that resonates with us the most.

I have studied many teachings seeking my own understanding and ways of connecting to that Divine presence. Like many people today, I have a sense of spirituality from the wisdom I have gained from ancient traditions.

There are a number of Divine Beings who I find incredibly supportive as I navigate modern life and I believe that our ancestors and Spirits of the land guide us and should be honoured, along with the Earth itself.

Most importantly, spirituality is a deep connection to the heart, a place of unconditional love which offers me connection, allows me to grow, a place of understanding, wonder and wisdom. Connection to the Divine is about coming home to your Self, it enables you to see truth and to trust. That inner knowing that All is Well.

Today, I want to discuss the Power of Prayer as a way to connect to the Divine that lies inside of you.